Colors – Capture the Colours Contest

Yes, I do it! 🙂

Capture the Colours Contest  from: inviting submissions!



BLUE: It was a really wonder of nature. Myself seen it. Two rainbows and in the background a flash of lightning. For a few moments, the world stopped!



GREEN: Few days ago, I saw it on a festival called: „La Strada“. The streets in the city are full of street performer, art and music. It is a non profit event, and it is very popular. This was a front of a construction trailer. The old telephone  in connection with the heart motivated me to push the  shutter.



YELLOW: Bremen Überseestadt. Living and working in a port area. New architecture and buildings. Directly in my neighborhood. I love my city.



WHITE: „Palast der Produktion“ was a great exhibition in an old factory grounds. Various artists has several shows for a few weeks. Probably the old factory is being demolished. Pity!



RED: It was a wonderful day and in the evening twilight I tried to catch the fantastic light. A summer evening at the river „Weser“.



My Nominations are:

I like this works very much, and I thank for sharing their art!


Many thanks all my followers! Thanks also for looking and commenting. After I blog this, hopefully I can sleep once again🙂

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